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  • Creating artwork has been my passion since childhood.

    Through the years I've been able to make my passion my career. I would advise everyone to be careful when giving a portrait commission request to the first artist you find. As with other occupations, artists specialize and perfect their work. So remember just because someone is a designer, a sign painter, or general illustrator, does not mean they have the years of experience needed for the most difficult or detailed requirements of any given artistic project.

  • With every piece of artwork:

    My goal is to bring the paper to life! This means each drawing I create has a natural and well-known expression, even a spot-on likeness with the rendering full of life. It must also satisfy the customer as a beautiful work of art. I work to bring out the best in any natural pose or expression, which often contains the intelligence, innocence, joy and passion of the subject. The overall mood of the commissioned art piece is carefully captured and preserved, which influences the tones and textures that I choose to complete your commissioned artwork.

  • One reason that I work only from photographs

    is that I enjoy capturing the expression in a precise manner, whether it is serious, smiling, or a full moment of joy and happiness such as a candid photo of children just playing. Only then can the personality come through to get a sense of what the person is thinking about or feeling at the time.