Thank you for reviewing my website and artwork pages. I have received heartwarming and touching feedback from many clients over the years and have chosen to share a couple of those letters with you here on this page. Thank you for stopping by!

Marybeth is a talented artist who is blessed with the ability to cross art mediums and styles. She creates everything from large business murals to small pencil drawings. She is an amazing artist.
      - Loree W. - Business Owner

I met Marybeth several years ago through our jobs within the same company. We befriended each other and have maintained that friendship. In January of 2009, we lost my father suddenly. At the memorial service, Marybeth asked if I had a picture of my dad and me together. I told her I would check and get back with her, not knowing remotely the reason behind her request. Some time passed and she contacted me and told me she had something for me. When I met with her, she presented me with a framed piece of artwork she had done. I was speechless, which is something I seldom am. Marybeth had taken the photo I gave her and the memorial announcement from my Dad's service and combined them to make a pencil drawing that will pass down for generations to come. the art work brings fond memories of my Dad and I will always hold this close to my heart. What a phenomenal talent to share. In February of 2014, we lost my younger brother suddenly. My mother is a strong woman yet was dealing with the loss of her youngest child. Tough on her to say the least. After some time had passed. Marybeth called me and asked for me to come by and visit. Said she had something for my mom. The artwork Marybeth had done of my brother was just as breathtaking as the one of my dad. She had combined the picture in my brother's obituary and the design of the urn we placed his ashes in. It's hard to express in words what the artwork meant to our family. My Mom hangs it proudly in her dinning room. These one of a kind pieces of art are irreplaceable. They are memorials of family members who live within our hearts and their lives will be shared with the generations to come. Our family is forever indebted to Marybeth for sharing her talent with us.
     - Jearl "JW" Steadman

Marybeth has a gift for detail that is often missing in much of today's art. She has a wonderful ability to bring her art to life because of her attention to minute details.
     - Tam Y. - Artist & Anthropologist